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There are two Nevada's. The “Silver” State used to be a mining state. The addition of that small triangle below the 37th Degree North Latitude, in 1867, which really should have gone on in history to be ruled by Phoenix, or Las Angeles, changed things so politically that we are not definable as a “red,” or a “blue,” state. In a recent recent “water wars,” special on Nevada Public Broadcasting, where a Loss Vegas biased citizens panel seemed to have a “polite party” answer for everything, except listening to what a lone working rancher had to say about the stewardship of the land, where his pragmatic declaration was it all was about — “Cows, or Craps!”

When it comes to Nevada Mining there also is a schism where the “big silver” of the Comstock, has been replaced by the small miners who used to complain about the “blue stuff” clogging their pans.

In the 1950’s out of state “big gold” began to win out with the release of U.S. Bureau of Mines Information Circulars concerning chemical leaching of micron gold by cyanidation out of existing mine tailing dumps. Then came the U.S.G.S. reports on the Robertson Overthrust Faults of NE Nevada.

Apparently local prospectors weren't paying attention, for what had been formed in New York as Newmont, a holding company, rushed to Nevada to pay $2,000 in cash, for some of the first claims of what was to become the Carlin Quarry, that produced 10 million ounces of gold in the first 25 years of operation.

Another “big gold” foreign corporation out of Canada followed, acquiring claims staked under the Mining Law of 1872, that specifically required a locator be a U.S. Citizen.

I am not necessarily complaining about out of state (NYSE) Newmont, or the Canadian (TSX) Barrick winning the new age gold rush, as they truthfully have done a miner-like job of trying to keep up with China’s lead in world gold production, while protecting our environment. I just wish that Nevada mining investors could have the same “flow through” tax advantage as Free Trade Canadian multinationals.

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